So, you think you want to live in Tribeca huh? If so, you probably have an idea of what the prices are for a Tribeca luxury home. If not, here’s what you need to know…

3 bedrooms luxury residences for sale in Tribeca 300x254 - Price Differences Between 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms Apartments for Sale in Tribeca

  1. 1 bedroom apartments for sale in Tribeca – The chances of finding anything under a million dollars in Tribeca is like winning a lottery these days. It’s very hard to come by. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you can find a one bedroom for under a million and a half. $1,500,000 seems to be the starting sell price for a one bedroom in Tribeca. On the high end of the spectrum is this $5,500,000 one bedroom and 4 bathroom condo located at 13 Harrison Street #1. With 3,400 square feet of living space, the estimated mortgage is $20, 287 per month.
  2. 2 bedrooms residences for sale in Tribeca – The general starting price for a 2 bedroom in Tribeca is around $2,500,000. I actually found a 2 bedroom at 100 Hudson Street #3A with a list price of $1,695,000. What a deal in the West Historic District! This pre-war apartment features an exposed brick wall in the living area, floating bookcases encompassing the media center, and 1,025 square feet of space. At the opposite end, is a $7,350,000 apartment with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms at 2 Park Place #33B with over 2,500 square feet of luxury living at The Woolworth Tower Residences. At 237 Church Street, there’s a 2 bedroom listed at $11,900,000!
  3. 3 bedrooms luxury residences for sale in Tribeca – You’re looking at quite a price hike on a 3 bedroom luxury residence. A 3 bedroom starts around $4,500,000 but I did find one that’s listed at $3,300,000 at 12 Warren Street #2. At 443 Greenwich Street #PHF, for $15,000,000 is a 3 bedroom and 4 bathrooms.

As you can see, there is going to be major differentials between prices even when you’re looking at the same amount of bedrooms when it comes to Tribeca.

No fee New York City apartments 300x102 - Solari: New Option For New York City New Rentals

After offering amazing residential properties around the New York City, the Torkian group is now featuring more options for New York City new rentals.

This skyscraper is 42 West 33rd Street and stands between fifth and sixth avenue. The building is based on 41 floors and features 233 residential rental apartments. One of the best features of this place is that it comes without the rental fee. This means, you save bucks by choosing this as your home as you do not have to pay money to any broker to book your home in this building.

It is one of the best Midtown NYC apartments for the list of spectacular facilities and amenities it offers its residents. In addition to a luxurious lifestyle, its location is another big hit why this property is making heads turn this year.

Just like many other Midtown luxury apartments, this apartment has a fitness center, elevator, and a lounge. But what makes it stand out are other additional facilities like spa, therapy room, party room, pool garden, bike room, pet grooming services, and roof deck. The building and every apartment inside speaks of luxury and an upgraded lifestyle.

If you love living in NYC, you cannot miss out on these Solari new rental properties. You will love the view this amazing skyscraper building promises. It’s difficult to get over how beautiful the New York City looks from that height.

The glass exterior does not only look beautiful from the outside but from the inside too. The amazing architecture is another plus that will instantly make you fall in love with this building. So, if you dream to live in the New York City and don’t want to compromise on luxury living, this is the perfect option for you.

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